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Equipment Sales or Lease, Equipment Supplies

Citycard is so flexible weíll give you the option of either leasing the equipment for as long as you are satisfied with, or you can buy with our no-hassle, safe delivery guarantee. We will even program your equipment for you! And did we mention our lifetime customer support services? Thatís correct! Citycardís services donít just stop once the last signature has been signed. We also want to make sure that you are continually satisfied with your state-of-the-art machines.


Youíll be needing supplies to go with your equipment. So the next time you run out of paper, ink, tape, etc., Citycard can get you more! You will not be disappointed with the reasonable prices either! Therefore for the best in quality, cost, and quantity, Citycard by far offers one of the best and most competitive package (s) around. We want to give our best to you.