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Accept Checks by Fax, Email or Phone
How often do you hear "the check is in the mail", only to wait and wait…

Now you can have that check in the amount of time that it takes to send a fax.

If you own a fax machine and a computer modem and printer you can start accepting checks by fax right away. All you need is our easy to use software and special secured paper and you are ready to go. The check information is entered in to your computer and you print out a check. This method eliminates the need for waiting for checks through the mail, or costly wire transfers. Checks by Fax is accepted by 95% of U.S. banks.

We offer product support and a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Taking checks by fax is convenient if you have a fax machine or fax modem on your computer. Taking checks by email is helpful if you own a computer and are connected to the Internet. Many businesses that are not on line can take advantage of taking check by phone or have them faxed to an alternative location. We hope to accommodate such businesses with this need.

Computer System Requirements we have software for your PC. Accept checks by fax or accept checks by email with Windows 95 or 3.xx operating systems. You will need a laser or ink jet printer to print checks that will be acceptable by depositors.

There are a handful of software programs available today. Some companies are using this as a "get rich" product because you need the paper for check printing. Some of them are about as user friendly as DOS. We're not interested in the "paper supply" business, so we'll update our site regularly and link to supply warehouses carrying the paper product. Bank acceptance of these checks Yes, banks accept these checks. In fact, we have no known cases where checks have not been accepted which this software and the secured paper they are printed on produced.

Security Some say this is the solution to web businesses and customers who fear breeches in security using credit cards on the Internet. To some, it may seem like a step backwards, but for most the security risk is far less and the broader market appeal is far greater.

How secure are transactions made with this software?

Short Answer: Far more secure than transferring credit card data.

Additional Info: Checks are deposited into accounts, therefore paper trails are more easily followed, resulting in less likelihood of tampering. Fax transmittal of data is far less likely of getting into the wrong hands. Giving one's check information over the phone would be similar to giving your credit card numbers over the phone, however the paper trail is easier to follow. Transmitting checking data via email can be done through either an insecure or secured server. Again, the paper trail and how checks are processed versus credit cards prevents hacker thugs from even bothering with it.

Will my bank accept these kinds of checks?

Short Answer: Yes, in almost 95% of cases.

Additional Info: If your bank does not there's about 100% chance that a bank fairly local to you will. Some older banks have not yet upgraded their processing of checks and still require magnetic inc. This does not mean that they will not process checks generated in this fashion, it simply means that they would be processed manually versus automation. This might not make the "older" banks happy, but they too realize that their processing of checks is a little old fashioned. We know of no banks, which will not accept these checks nationwide.

Does the software come with any guarantee?

Short Answer: Yes

Additional Info: We allow you to download the software today, use the full working version for up to 20 days before deciding to purchase. Hence, you know what you are paying for prior to making a purchase.

How does your product differ from others on the market?

Short Answer: It's more affordable and easier to use.

Additional Info: Other products have other software installed with their software which do things like balance your checkbook and organize scheduling and more. Most people already have these features and we did not want to duplicate products already on the market. Further, some products are written in an old-fashioned version like DOS or Windows 3.11, which are less user-friendly. Some are charging up to $3-400 for their product that comes with additional monthly fees, etc. Some offer their product for less than $50 but their software requires you to use their specialized secure check paper so that you'll pay more for the necessary paper products throughout the years to come. Check the fine print on these competitors of ours and find out how much it's going to cost for the paper, then check back to and compare.

Do I need special magnetic ink for my printer?

Short Answer: No

Additional Info: Most banks have upgraded their check processing applications and no longer require the magnetic ink. They are scanned digitally. Therefore most will not have any problem. If they do, they'll process them manually and may require additional fees for doing so. If this happens to you, then choose a bank that is more business friendly. All you need for a printer is ink jet, laser, or bubble jet printer.

Do I need to use special "bank check" paper?

Short Answer: Yes

Additional Info: The Federal Reserve Board requires checks to be written on special "secure" paper to be accepted by depositors. Our software is not going to help if you do not get the proper paper. We can stock you with paper for it, however, there are local companies in almost every community where you can order the paper at far less cost than special shipments at high prices.

Where can I get special federal reserve security check paper?

Short Answer: Companies who sell checks to individuals, businesses and banks.

Additional Info: We can supply you with paper, but prefer not to since this is not our trade. Nor do we expect to substantially profit from paper orders. We do, however, need to support our product and have to keep supplied for customers who can't get a better price elsewhere. We can point you in a few directions for paper purchases.

Is this system available in other countries?

Short Answer: Yes

Additional Info: Banks in foreign countries may process these checks but we cannot guarantee the product for all countries. If your business has a U.S. bank account already set up, then you're all set. Just deposit checks in that bank account. If you do not already have a U.S. bank account, then we would recommend it for this purpose. We can help in this area.

Do you offer product support for this product?

Short Answer: Yes

Will I get disks with a manual of some sort?

Short Answer: Yes

Additional Info: You will receive disks for easy installation along with a user-friendly manual.

Can businesses benefit from this off the Internet?

Short Answer: Yes

Additional Info: Any business, which has had problems with people, not paying their bills or not mailing their checks can benefit from this product. Any business that is not set up with credit cards will benefit by offering this payment option. Any business that has customers who do not have credit cards will benefit.

Are there any known banks that do not accept this?

Short Answer: None